Friday, June 8, 2012

A Wonderful Week!

June 5th was a very exciting day!  It was the day of the Buhler bond issue, where my husband Dan is the school superintendent.  We had planned on having a watch party at our house, and I was busy making sangria, and some snacks.  Then I got a call from Dan that Kinsey was in labor.  Being her first, I thought it would still be a while.  At 1:30, they admitted her to the hospital.  We canceled our party with an email, because we figured there was no way the baby would be here before that.  Andrew called us at around 3:30, saying they had called her Dr., and that they thought it would be soon.  We were very excited, and left in a hurry for Wichita.  On our way, Andrew called to say that they were the proud new parents of a baby boy!   We arrived around 4:45, in time to see everyone.  They still hadn't decided on a name at that time.  Kinsey looked wonderful, you'd never know that she'd just given birth!  Oh, and then we decided to put the party back on, because we had gotten to see little Henry, so we left Wichita at around 6:30.  When we arrived, there were people waiting in our yard for us!  I was a little nervous, because I like everything to be ready and perfectly clean, but life happens, and we just went with it.  Then, we found out that the Buhler bond did indeed pass - about 68 percent to 32 percent!  This was a huge success for Dan,  a first year superintendent, who successfully led this district, board, and many wonderful volunteers to a win!  (The past 3 bond issues here had been unsuccessful).  I am so proud of him!  He truly cares deeply about education and what's right for children, and is able to reach out to people and unify them.  Way to go, honey!

In addition, my stepson Jeremy and his wife Misty are moving to Kentucky to be closer to her family.  They are moving there in a week - and hadn't heard yet about a job.  On the 6th, he was offered the position at the University of Kentucky as their Director of Online Education.  At the same time, he has been offered two other positions.  His current job wants to keep him and let him work from home.  What a compliment!  We are very proud of him, and excited for the two of them as they start their new journey.

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  1. What a GREAT week! Congratulations to all!!!


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