Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kinsey's Maternity Pics

Pregnant women are so beautiful, and Kinsey, my stepdaughter, is no exception.  She was kind enough to let me photograph her.  Thank you to Cliff and Jan Wray for letting us use their beautiful land.

So pretty!

Such a cute baby bump!

The lighting was too harsh here, but they're so cute - I still love it!

They are so cute and in love!

This is my personal favorite!

Now for the fun!  We took the pictures in a field, and there were 3 pretty horses roaming around.    I  love horses.  In fact, I used to show horses, and even went to an equine science community college for two years.  But wait.  Before we  left,  I told asked Dan to load a chair for me.  I pointed to our antique dining room table chairs that his mother passed down to us.  He says, "Can't we use folding chairs?" And I said, "No, I need a pretty chair."  I could tell he was worried about the chair.  I assured him there was nothing to worry about, the grass could not possibly harm the chair. So all was well, and I had taken some photos of Kinsey in the chair.  Beautiful.  Then I had a vision to take some photos of Kinsey and Andrew side by side making a heart with their hands together, as you will see below.  However, they were very distracted by the horses coming toward us curiously. 

Andrew: The horses are coming.

Aren't they pretty?  

They're very friendly.  

This one was very curious about the antique chair that Dan's mother passed down to us, and has been in the family for a hundred or more years.  And she decided she was hungry, and proceeded to take a bite out of it.  
Then, (you'll just have to visualize this) I pet her, and decided we needed to carry on with the pictures, and I think they were making Kinsey nervous, so I, raised my arms and said "Git."  And boy, they tore out of there,stampeding towards my children.  Yes, Madison and Annie were almost trampled.  Not really, but they were rather close to the stampede.  Later, Dan referred to me as the horse whisperer.  I think it was a rather exciting Friday night! 
Oh, and there was a pig roaming around.  I'm so mad I didn't get a picture of the very ugly pig  coming towards the girls.  He was grey and black, just roaming around.  I thought, "How cute!"  Later, Cliff and Jan told us they didn't know where the pig came from, it just came around and liked to hang out with the horses.  We could have been attacked by a wild boar!!!  Just kidding.

And afterwards, Kinsey just smiled at me.  All was well.  Andrew really didn't get the heart thingy.  There's the chair!


Kinsey and Andrew are so cute!  I just love these pictures.

How romantic!

So in love!

Then Andrew started licking her.  There are no limits to his depravity.

It really made Kinsey laugh.  

He's so proud of himself.  

Okay, now, these are bad snapshots of Kinsey and Dan because the sun was going down, clouds were coming in, and I just wanted to snap a few of the two of them.  But there's this thing about my husband.  Whenever I try to take pictures of him, he becomes funny boy.  

Why is that?

Isn't this sweet.

But finally, he decided to be good, and I got this one.  

And I thought this one was sweet.  
Anyway, that was our lovely evening.  It's never boring in the Stiffler family.  

Kinsey, you're going to be a wonderful mama.  

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