Friday, June 15, 2012

Restyling Bookcases

A couple months ago, the annoying wonderful man I live with said, "I think we need more pictures in our shelves, it just kind of looks like random stuff plunked everywhere."  He was actually right, but it annoys me when he's right.  That's why he's so wonderful!  So, there's nothing like people coming over to your house to get you motivated!  I bought a bunch of black frames, some subway art ( some I made myself, and some I purchased), and converted a bunch of pictures to black and white.  I take literally thousands of pictures.  It's what I love.  So why not decorate it up with them?  Here is the before:

See?  Plunked everywhere.  Plus, the empty apothecary jar just recently had the Christmas ornaments and fake snow taken out of it.  I mean hey, it's only June.  And the girl's playing in the leaves, that was supposed to be for fall.

Now the after:   Dah Dah Dah.......

So much more cohesive, right?  Say yes.  

 Right side
Left Side
I love this wedding photo of Jeremy and Misty.

And this wedding pic of Kinsey and Andrew.  Sorry about the glare.

Here's my summer decor for my sidetable.  That's Annie when she was little.  

My plan is to change the photos with the season, but keep with the black and white theme.  I love redecorating!  I was inspired by this Pin:   
Same kind of theme, right?  I feel like Thrifty Decor Chick!!!!  Except that nobody reads my blog, and like, 50 billion people read hers!  

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