Thursday, June 28, 2012

Decorating My Office

I have lots of summer projects - I'm a teacher, and I love being a teacher.  That said, I also love my summers, and I take full advantage of them!  I enjoy being a mom, laying in the sun, cooking, taking photos, and getting to do all of the things I don't have enough time for during the school year.  I have been wanting to showcase the photos I take on my office wall.  I love pinterest, and I've pinned several ideas for photo walls - click here to see.    And while I realize this doesn't look like any of those beautiful pictures, I love it, and I did it on the cheap.  I got the frames at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off.  The 16x 20's cost me $10, and the 11 x 14's cost me $5.
First, I laid them out on the carpet to get the configuration I wanted.  Oops the ones on the right are not facing the right direction.  I'm very absent minded like that.

Here is the photo arrangement I'm going to add to our family room wall.  I scored big at Hobby Lobby!  I went down the 80% off aisle, and got lots of frames.  I was so excited!  The blonde 14 x 18 frames were only 8.00!!!!  I'm going to spray paint them black.  I got the little 8 x 10 frames for 2.00!  The words and the letter were 50% off.  I swear, I got a cartful of good stuff for $120.  Score!  

And here is the finished product in the office: 
Sorry about the sun streaks going through the pictures.  I would fix it, but frankly, I'm lazy.  It's summer. And I've got to get psyched up for Zumba tonight, so taking another picture that doesn't have the freaky sun streaks going through it might make me lose focus.  On making me go to Zumba. And look like an uncoordinated fool.  But it's fun, and no one knows me, so that's a plus.  

This wall makes me happy.  Do something today that makes you happy.  It's worth it!

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  1. I would love to do something like this in our basement, maybe we can talk over ideas on Thursday.


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