Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mother's Day

All I wanted for Mother's Day this year was a photo shoot.  So, we went to Dillon Nature Center and I brought my tripod.  Here is the result - I was very happy!

My remote didn't work, so I just set the timer and crossed my fingers, and I think it turned out pretty darn good!

This one and the one below are the same, but with two different actions I ran on Photoshop Elements.  On the one above I used Velvet Retro, and the bottom one is Sweet Prairie, from Paint The Moon.  You must have photoshop or elements to use them.  They have an awesome tutorial that shows you how to load the actions into elements.  

Oh, and my sweet husband got me a gift certificate from The Phoenician for a massage, pedicure and facial.  Heaven!  I am so spoiled.  I had my massage last week, and it honestly was the best massage I've ever had!  Looking forward to my facial next week!I am truly blessed.

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