Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rios Family Fun Wichita Family Photography

Saturday was a lovely day - barely a breeze, beautiful sunshine, and gorgeous fall colors in all their splendor.  I was blessed to spend the afternoon with one of my favorite families and dearest friends.  I had so much fun capturing them as they are.  As usual, there was a lot of laughter and fun!  They are truly special.

                                        At first, Trey was not crazy about having his picture taken.
                         Then, big sister got ahold of him and started making him laugh.
                                                    He was a good sport from then on.

                                             Sorry I cut part of your head off, Trey.

                                             Good family fun.

Oh my goodness.  These two are so cute.  And this is so them.


 What a stunning couple!


Be still my heart.  

 Love this.
 Honestly, this is one of my favorites.  I love real.
 This is real too.
 Hector, get your shotgun.  You're gonna need it when this girl gets a little older.  I would love to have this one on canvas.
 Is he a heartbreaker or what?  Love this boy.  I think he loves having his photo taken.  He wants to do it every weekend.  For some reason, he was running away after 90 minutes of forced fun family photography fiesta!  I merely suggested another location, and he took off like Buzz Light Year.  I was afraid he was going to fall, he was running so fast.  Nothing a Big Gulp wouldn't cure. 

That's all folks.  

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