Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Helm Family Photos - Wichita Family Photography

We had a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon taking photos with the Helms!  I had taken some earlier senior pictures of Kayln, and took some additional fall pictures today, along with family pictures.  They were so much fun to work with.  They all have a great sense of humor!  Especially when I leaned on a tree branch, trying to show Kyler how I wanted him to pose, and the entire 6 foot branch came completely off the tree.  You had to be there!

Here are a few of my favorites!

 What a good looking bunch!

 Mom and Dad are gonna miss this girl when she goes to college!
 This is the REAL modern family!
 So pretty!
 Lady Killer

 Miss Cutie Patootie

Love this one!  Kyler is really crackin' me up.  

 This one is great!
 I swear, Kyler is killing me here.  I have a ton of these leaf throwing pics and he is doing the same thing in each one.  Everyone else has lowered their hands, but Kyler is reveling in the moment!

 Oooh La La!
 This is my new favorite.
So pretty!

I couldn't resist putting this in for fun!
 What a sweet and beautiful family!

Wo.  Kayln, you are stunning!  Thanks for letting me take your photos!

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