Friday, November 30, 2012

Family Photo Session

I took photos of my dear friend Sarah and her kids the day before Thanksgiving.  It was an absolutely beautiful day at the Dillon Nature Center.  Hard to believe these warm temperatures so late in November, but I'll take them!


Just kick back and put your feet up already.
Noahmillie5 copyweb
Too cute!
noahmillie4 copyweb
I love this picture.  I think you can really see their relationship here.
noahmillie4 web
Absolutely gorgeous.  Those eyes!
Noahmillie copyweb


Isn't this the most beautiful family?

DSC_8780 copyweb
nmback copyweb_edited-1
Typical big brother stuff!
DSC_8874 copyweb

DSC_8910 copy 2web
Oh my goodness, mother and son are gorgeous.

DSC_9003 copyweb

I had the great idea for the kids to throw leaves up in the air.  The boy looks thrilled, right?  Like, Oh. My. Goodness.  I can't believe I have to do this.  But he was a good sport.
DSC_9025 copyweb
Then my daughter decided it would be fun to try and lock arms and try to get up.  They could not do it. She is so totally my daughter.

    I had to save this beauty for last.  She's just as beautiful on the inside too.

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  1. Love these pics- love this family!! I want a photo session!! (Really- I do.)

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Just let me know - I would love to do it!

  2. Lots of beauty and talent in this whole Nov. photos shoot! Good job Kim and beautiful family shots for Sarah and kids! Glad you shared!

  3. So freaking cute, I can't wait till my kids are old enough for this kind of shoot.


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