Monday, June 9, 2014

Li'l Edyn's Two Year Pictures!

I thoroughly enjoyed taking Edyn's two year photos.  She is a doll!  Two year olds are hard work and nail biters for me.  I basically just chased her around and snapped away.  I tried to make her laugh by doing some very goofy things, - thank goodness she probably won't remember!  This child should be a model, I'm telling you!

Click to see 30 sec video of some of Edyn's pics.

                     I ADORE this one!  Love the light, and that it captures the "story."

    Getting ready to blow a kiss!

I am in love with this one too.
                    I about died when she did this.  Perfect!

       Playing Peek-a-boo!


After we finished, her sweet mama let her run through the sprinklers.
She SOOO deserved it!

    Oh, to be two again!

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