Sunday, January 5, 2014

Project 365

This is a project I have been contemplating for a couple of years, but have put it off thinking I wouldn't be able to take the time.  Now that I've finished my Master's degree, and things have settled down, I have finally taken the plunge.  My goal is to post my pictures weekly here on the blog and everyday on instagram.  The idea is to shoot everyday, capture everyday beauty and life, and push myself creatively.  I am following prompts from the CM Glimpse Instagram project.  There is a prompt everyday, and we share and encourage one another along the way.  Here are this week's photos - I started Jan. 1st.

Upper righthand: winter, top middle: unmade bed, upper left: extra, middle long: color, lower left: ambiguous, middle bottom: brand new (bracelets), right long:  extra

In addition, here are some photos I took as I was experimenting for the prompts.  Today, there is a blanket of fresh snow, and it is beautiful.

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