Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wichita Children's Photography Foltz Session

I have been itching to photograph these stunning young ladies for a long time!  Their mama and I taught together, and every time I would see her kids, I was always struck by how breathtakingly beautiful they all are.  I love their outfits, and the colors of the field we were in.  As you know, small children lose interest after a while, so I did my best to document their personalities as they really are, and capture real interaction, not just posing.  There's only so much posing you can do when they're real small.  Enjoy!

               They should all three be models!
           The girls got distracted by a ladybug - children are natural explorers, and you just have to go with it!
 The colors are delicious!  I want this on canvas.

 I really wanted the little pumpkin to look up, but then. . . 
                                 She did this!  Even better.
And then she lit up like this.  I'm in love.
 One word.  Stunning.

 Of course, we had to climb trees.  This was a majestic, beautiful tree.
 I insisted Mama get in a few.  We mama's tend not to document ourselves, and I think it's so important.  One day, the girls will treasure this.
 So cute.

 We tried to stack them three in a row, but little cutie wanted to be independent.  
 Towards the end, they were done.  Then I got this.  Delicious.
What a sweet way to end this blog entry!  Thank you, Foltz's for letting me spend some time documenting you as you are.  So beautiful.  

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  1. OMG Kim! I am in love! You have such a talent! You have captured each of their personalities PERFECTLY:) I am tearing up now...thank you!


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