Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Scrapbook Share

I took the girls out in some prairie grass in our neighborhood a couple of weeks ago.  Was trying for backlit, hazy photos, but it got cloudy and it just wasn't in the cards that day.  I still got some beautiful photos of my girls. I quickly scrapped them today.  Let me just say that I love scrapping digitally.  It is soo much less time consuming.  I thought I would really miss the paper part of it, but I don't.  At the end of summer, I will get them all printed and put them in books.  

And here are some of the pictures.  I printed 4 of them at 16 x 20 size, and they are hanging on my walls!  Love.

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  1. So I hadn't been to your blog in a while and I must say, I spent quite some time seeing what you have been up to this summer!! Your pics are beautiful, like always! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Miss Sarah. I had so much fun with you guys!

  2. Kim these are so cute!! Love the location and their outfits!

  3. More great photos! Love the look, a cross between Katniss Everdeen & Taylor Swift! I wish my hair was still as thick as the girls.


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