Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

We've had a wonderful time having Jeremy and Misty visit.  We had our 4th celebration last night, and the family humored me with a photo session!  These are my favorites so far.  They are all SOOC.  (Straight out of the camera, with no processing yet)

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

What extra good looking kids!

Andrew, Kinsey and Henry


He is so precious.

Eric, Dan and Janet.  We are going to see Dan's mom today - she has Alzheimer's, and recently had to be moved to a nursing home.  Myron, her husband, has taken excellent care of her for as long as he could.  I'm going to frame this picture and put it in her room.  She sure loves these guys.


  1. Oh wow...what a fun shots!

    Have a blessed 4th of July..♥

  2. All really fabulous photos! You are so creative!
    So sorry to hear that Dan's mother had to move into a nursing facility. I know that is a heart ache for everyone.


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