Saturday, August 2, 2014

Popcorn Fight! Pictures that Tell the Story

Hi there!  I had the privilege of doing a photoshoot for the McCormick's the other night.  I teach with Mary, and recently did her daughter's senior pictures.  Let me tell you, they were sports!  They went along with my crazy ideas such as popcorn fights, piggyback rides and braving the sticker patch.   As I was going through and editing the photos, and discussing with my husband, it struck me that the ones I really like are the ones that tell the story.    They may not all be looking at the camera - even though I like those too.  But I really love the photos that tell their story - their connection, their laughter, a glimpse into their lives.  Let me tell you, this is a close-knit, fun family.  They are hard workers. They are achievers. They will do anything for you.  They are caring and kind.   Mary and Mike are super involved in their kids' schools;  donating their time, talents and money to provide better educational opportunities for everyone.  They get things done, let me tell you.  I really had fun "shooting" them and watching their relationships unfold in front of the camera.


      Apparently Matthew was hungry.  There are many shots of him like this.  
     Please!  Feed him!
        The kids really enjoyed pelting Dad for some reason.  He was such a good sport.
       Oh no!
        I like this one.  Mike is keeping an eye on Mike junior.  You have to really watch that guy.
Apparently someone said something very funny.  They give each other a hard time, those McCormick's.
       This is one of my favorites, because they are all cracking up, and Mike is happy and looking right at the camera.  What a good sport, and proud family man.

This one cracks me up too.  I have about six of these, and Matthew is never looking at the camera. Never.  Here, he is as if he's thinking  "What about me?"  Or, more likely, "This photographer woman is cuh-razy. " 
 Yep, I love this one too.  
And I adore this one.  Are they all looking?  No.  But its natural, and it really shows them off as a family.  I'm not gonna lie - I contemplated trying to swap the kids out with another "posed" one of them because I loved this one of Mary and Mike so much.  And I tried.  And it looked bad.  My husband came and looked, and he loved it just as it is.  Because it shows who they are.  Period.     

And at the end of the night, Mike was such a gentleman and carried Mary out of the sticker patch because she had sandals on.  This is love, people.  And they've been married for 20 some years!  He did not even hesitate.

       And like father, like son.  Sweet big brother carried Alexis out too.  Awwwwwww.

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